carneekinet. solutions outside the square

carneekinet prides itself on implementing the right solution for the challenge presented. It is important a solution makes sense and not every solution is always appropriate for a given situation. Ingenuity is key in ensuring it fits appropriately now, and into the future. For over a decade, experienced professional services have been provided the following fields:

  • Network operations monitoring
  • Incident response and forensic post-mortem analysis
  • Website design and web-application development
  • Graphic design
  • Photo imaging services
  • Spam management
  • Carrier grade telecommunications infrastructure
  • Wireless telecommunications

Also available:

  • Website hosting packages
  • Email hosting
  • Domain name hosting including slave replication services for redundancy
  • Database hosting

Given the diverse nature of problems that can come up, if you cannot find what you are looking for, consider contacting carneekinet.